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Sinisa 'Big Sin' Motika

Before QUAY I was lifting weights at my local gym. Pushed myself at least 3 times a week doing each muscle group accordingly and rotating. It's been about 6 years of that and no real gains. Maybe I didn't train hard enough? Maybe I ate too much? We'll never know and it doesn't even matter now. Since I've started at QUAY, I feel I have more strength, more definition and even with my poor eating habits I have managed to tone up. I don't think I'll ever go back to the "gym". QUAY training centre isn't about a big muscly guy yelling at you and pushing you. It's about learning things about yourself you didn't know you could do. The beauty of it is, each day you never know what you're gonna get! Great people and allows you to catch up on childhood activities you may have missed out like my favourite, the rings!

Natascha Lloyd

Starting training at QUAY has made me feel so much younger!!...it makes you realise you can do what you imagine...I feel so much stronger and more agile...and I am in my forties!! I didn't have a regular exercise routine before starting with QUAY at all. Having support and a sense of community makes it so much easier to make crossfit part of my routine.

James de Koning

Before I joined Quay I was not doing any form of exercise and hadn't done any form of exercise for around a year. Since joining Quay though I can feel and see myself getting fitter and stronger every week. I have so much more energy and motivation now and really enjoy participating in as many workouts as I can. It's a good fun and supportive environment to workout in which is really helpful for someone like myself with no experience in functional training at all and just starting out!! 

Katie Sykes

Before starting at Quay I had been doing some similar stuff for about 18 months and I loved all things about it. It isn't just the fact that you get fitter, leaner and stronger but I love the whole community side of Quay, it's like being part of an awesome sporting team. All judgments are left at the door and you make some of the most amazing friends and have a support network that honestly is there for you anytime and any day. As a female I have found that lifting weights makes you mentally stronger, helps deal with hormonal issues and it is just bloody fun. You never do the same thing when you rock up to the gym and all the coaches encourage you, motivate you and become little life coaches without you even knowing it. I haven't had the sort of technical knowledge in coaching before joining Quay and as an experienced weightlifter I have seen drastic improvements in both my gymnastics and lifting - this is directly from the way the Quay team coaches.

I became pregnant since joining Quay and exercise is probably the number one reason (for me personally and the fact that the bebe's dad is a bloody legend) why I have found this pregnancy journey so far very enjoyable and without any major hiccups. Quay has been very helpful in adjusting my workouts and I know they will when I come back after giving birth. So if you are a female (or male for that matter) who wants to get fitter, happier and live a longer life - join the QUAYlife. You will have zero regrets.