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I lied to my trainer and myself a few years back

He asked my goals, I said I wanted to be athletic, to look athletic

What I actually wanted was to get SHREDDED

I took me a few years to be OK with that

I mean, I did want to be athletic in terms of performance…

But I also wanted to look like those dudes on the fitness posters

For some reason, I thought this was frowned upon…I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel OK with people knowing that I cared about the way I looked. Weird.

Why shouldn’t I be allowed to want to look good? It was as if I was body shaming myself, but in reverse…what the fuck was wrong with me?

Maybe it was because I hadn’t really put in the hard yards yet?

Maybe I felt I didn’t deserve it?

You see,


For me, it was the body of an athlete…like those dudes on the fitness posters

Fast forward 10 years

I’ve got the body, and I’ve had it for a while. But it hasn’t come without sacrifices, and I can still see room for improvements


I had a mindset shift about 6 years ago

I decided it was perfectly OK to want to look like a fucking beast, and that there is probably others out there who are in the same boat I was…

So what did I do?

I went out and got the body I wanted, and if I came across anyone that felt they were on the same path, I brought them up with me…

Don’t get me wrong, I still train for performance, I lift heavy and do my cardio…I track my personal records

But I’m still totally sweet with doing push-ups and sit-ups in the garage while my 9 month old is asleep,

Because you guessed it…

I wanna look good on the beach

I guess what I’m trying to say is,

Don’t let society, the media, whoever tell you it’s not OK to want to look the best you can

If you want something,

Go and get it…

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A short story about the time I lied to myself...

By Dylan Tate